the end of the east sea

I was traveling along the coast of the Korea peninsula with a friend of mine. From the south to the ease sea.

It was July. 2000.

The color of sea was cobalt blue. So beautiful I can't forget the scenery..

There was a statue which was a big hand. We took photoes in the park.

사진은 친구과 2000년에 남해안과 동해안 일주를 할 때 사진입니다

7월이었는데 바다가 너무도 멋진 파란색이었습니다. 그 때를 잊을 수 없군요.

큰 손 사진은 그 공원에 있는 동상입니다. 동쪽 끝이죠..등대도 있고 멋있었습니다.